Light – Part 1

Whew, it’s been a really long time since my last post in this blog, haha  [>_<]

Alright, for new opening I will share my original CerPen (red: Cerita Pendek a.k.a fictional Short Story), the title is “Light“.

I already share this cerpen in my most favorite internet forum, indowebster a.k.a IDWS for CerPen event there. There’re so many complain for the story from there because I write it in English, but some of them still love it despite my bad English and event say the story was so touchy, haha. No matter what, all their honest and objective comments made me happy, because this is my very first story that I write using woman..or girl as main character as challenge for my self yet still acceptable by them. To be honest, this is the hardest story I ever made so far because…it’s never be easy to simulate your opposite gender minds work, at least for me. All I can do is guessing…but I’ve tried [^_^]

I break the story into several parts then devide it into several post to make it easier to read and pause, hope You can enjoy it…

LIGHT – Part 1

Febuary 4th, 2014; 2 PM

As always, another failure. It has been a week since I join this research for my final project yet I didn’t see any progress at all. This research itself has been started from two years ago with no trace of progess to show, nor documentation to read in our library. I still don’t understand why Professor Ryrien so persistent to help that nocturnal bastard with his research.

Giande, that’s the bastard’s name. All I know about him is he was my senior college student that got terible academic score on every subject he took, except microbiology. That’s for granted I think, he sleep on any class he attend, and even worst, he was not even attend most of the classes. It’s  still mystery for us how could he got perfect score on microbilogy. I mean, he didn’t even attend a single day of the final examination period. Well, nepotism always an option on this big university.

Whatever. Professor tell me that I’m permitted to present whatever the result of this research in the next 6 months. With the legendary Professor as my supervisor, it’s not a bad deal at all, haha.

March 4th, 2014; 2 PM

Again, another failure. Nothing changes, nothing happens. This is seriously a boring research, if don’t want to call it “complete useless”. I already ask Professor Ryrien what exacly this research about yesterday, yet again, I’m not satisfied at all with his answer.


This is research about a new kind of medium for microbial culture growth. As we always know in classic way, microbial culture will consume all substrats existed in their medium until the last molecule. They use the substrats for their basic need, food, growth, and multiplying. But, what would happen when the substrats then cease to exist?

Of course they will start to die and the growth declined


So what’s this new-kind-medium do? What’s the different?

This medium is not a dead matter, it’s alive. That’s the different

If both parties are alive, why did I never see any changes? All I see was nothing but transparant blue liquid. From day to day I feel stupid to records constant data. No sign of CO2 nor O2 consumption, no color change, no pH change, no electrical change, no viscosity change. What exactly do I need to observe?

Hahaha, You sure are smart and diligent to consider all of those factors. None of his previous partner do like you did nor ask any question about the research it self. That’s why I’ll tell you one more thing about this researh. Nothing changes on time of your observation schedule time means we already walk in the correct path can?

Hahaha, I already gave You the biggest clue. It’s up to you now whether you wanna seek for answer of your curiosity or not. But even if it’s a no, please continue your help to observe the subject for the next five months. Then after that, you can expect me to give you my full support for your final presentation, deal?


oke then, don’t forget to report me everything if you found any anomaly


Strange, this is way too strange. I know Professor Ryrien is a man of his promise, but I don’t like to do something blindly without clear objective. But it’s over a month already….sh*t!

[Continue to Light -Part 2…]

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