Light – Part 2

LIGHT – Part 2

April 4th, 2014; 2 PM

Somehow I could never get used to this useless routine. I’m already at the peak of my boredom. This static data record drove me crazy. I’m pretty sure that right here right now I can create several constant numbers to included on special formula that used to predict this researh progress for next hundred years, then present it in the world scale scientific seminar as “Zero Progress Formula”. I’m serious!

This can’t be continued. My precious brain will corrode in the most tragic way if I stay like this for another hour. I’ve made my mind. Today I’ll go home early to take a deep slumber, got full strength power to hang that nocturnal bastard on the roof, and make him my personal sandbag for eternity if he cannot answer my curiosity. Just wait until I kick him out from his hibernation hole tonight.

April 4th, 2014; 11 PM

Someone already at work the moment I arrive at laboratory. Even if I never see him in person, I’m pretty sure that that’s him. Nobody else will be here at this hour and doing some unknown research in this campus, no one.

So..this is the legendary Giande huh?”


Wow, this is surprised me. I never though this nerd will stop his current activity to respon my “hello saying” and facing me. Wait, he is kinda…cool looking from the front. Haha, what a pity.

So…who are you anyway? What are you doing here?

Huh? What a rude guy, he has no manner at all.

I’m Merpati, don’t you know me? Your research partner to be exact

Research partner? Hmmm, do I have one?

A…Are you kidding me? I’ve help you with your unknown research for over 2 months already and your way of talk seems like you want to say that you never get any help

Ah..wait, I seems remember something about research partner…hmm…so that’s it. Professor did tell me before about it

So you get it now, huh?

Yeah, and I remember that I said to professor that I don’t need one. In short, I don’t need You. Now you know the case, so please get out. You disturb my concentration


Damn, this guy sure know how to get on my nerve. I really want to hit him hard with a spiked bat right now and then punch his bloody body even more. But be patient Merpati, you come here to find the truth of your research as top priority and don’t execute any murderous act before you get the informations you wanted. First you need to take a deep breath then release it slowly, repeat the procedure three times then you will calm again.

hhhh…..alright. Because I’m a really forgiven and nice lady, I’ll forgive your sinful way of talk for now. Oke, I’ll go home for tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow. Prepare your self!

Hah, what a strange woman. Do as you wish, I don’t care anyway. Yet, it’s still better if you never come back ever again

Kuh, curse this guy. Just you wait!

[Continue to Light – Part 3…]


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