Light – Part 3

LIGHT – Part 3

April 11th, 2012; 11 PM

Who said everyone got the same potential? Who said everyone will be good at something as long as they put serious though and effort into it? Yeah, may be you would gain the ability to some degree. But let me tell you something, half ass skill will bring you to no where in this world

Wh…what? How can someone with terible academic score like you saying such superior speech?

Me? Ah, yeah, I guess you’re right. Forget it

See? It’s a good thing that you remember your place at least

Haha, keep your ideal sweety talk and I’ll see how you walk on that dreamy path

It’s been a week already but still no sign that our cold war come to an end. Night after night we spent to debate every single little things. It’s all his fault. He reject any suggestion I gave him. Just like tonight, I asked him why don’t he try to put more effort on other subjects because it’s no good afterall if he just advance in microbiology, he won’t be able to graduate with only that single subject. Yet he got ignited for no reason after all my honest and kind said. Damn him.

May 4th, 2014; 11 PM

I don’t know when exactly it started to happen, but latelly the ice between us has became thin and thinner with every single passing night.

hey, say. Do you want to know what I’ve been researched so far?

Huh? Ah, of course I want. But somehow…it’s not that important anymore

Haha, really? Why?

I…I don’t know since when but, I feel satisfied just being able to talk about a lot of thing every night with you, so…

Damn, what I’m just saying. I blurted my mind out of the blue. I’m so careless. Now both of us in a deep silent that we can even heard our own heart beat.

Alright, let’s turn off the lamp” said Giande suddenly.

Oke…No! Wait, what do you want?!

You come here to know what did I’ve been doing and what exactly are you doing so far in mind at first right? So let’s turn off the lamp now


I run toward lamp switch to prevent his further action by blocking his way.

Hey, what are you doing? I have to turn off the lamp to show it to you

No! I know you planned something weird

Wh…what do you mean? I can’t show it to you if the lamp is not off

That’s just your alibi. What can you possibly show with the lamp off

You stubborn girl

He force his way to turn off the lamp and somehow I can’t stop him. He unexpectedly strong, damn him. I feel so powerless that I can’t do nothing except closing my eyes.

Now, what do you think?


Stupid girl, open your eyes!

How dare he call me stupid right after called me stubborn, yet I still follow his instruction. I slowly open my eyes until I can clearly see what’s the thing in front of me. I swear to God that it’s really amaze me to no end. So this is the truth of that blue liquid that drove me mad day after day. It radiating a bright blue light that’s so beautiful as it suck all my words from my brain library that left me spechless. I can see all its particle inside twinkling while collide with each other, and constanly moving in a slow and dynamic flow.

Wh…what is this?

It’s a mass of microorganism that you always observed up until now

Microorganism? This? Is this different thing that I used as research object everyday? I mean, why it’s so active, so bright, so beautiful…”

No, I assure you it’s exacly the same tube with the same content


Yes, it is

If it’s so, why did I see nothing up until now?

That’s because the time of your observation. You’ll see nothing from the tube in the present of intense light

What? If…if that’s the case, why Professor assign me to observe it while he know it’ll gave me nothing as result?

Hmm, may be he want to ensure that the behaviour of the microbial inside stay constant even in the daylight. It’ll be a serious problem if they  are not follow their life pattern as I wanted it to be. They’ll die much quicker and thoroughly disturb the whole life cycle inside

I see. So that’s it. Professor Ryrien really tell me the truth. Giande’s explanation about the thing suddenly make me feel so worthy. I’m a part of this grand research. I’m no less important. All I did really served its purposed, none wasted.

Thank you...”

Huh? For what?

Nothing. Please let me enjoy this light for a little while

Haha, what a strange woman. Up to you

We sat in silent for around one hour before he started to ask another strange question.

Hey, what would you do if you know how much your remaining lifetime left?

Huh? That’s scary question!

Hahaha. I know

Don’t ask that kind of question ever again

Hahaha, alright…alright..You’re so boring woman

As usual, he has a sharp tongue and strange personality. But I starting to realize that’s just the way he say things, there’s no ill feeling about it. Deep inside I feel so happy to arrive at this moment. If just by knowing that being a part of this research enough to make me feel so worthy, what did he feels as the main actor of this whole thing? Ah, I’m just not in the mood to think anymore. I just want to see my beautiful research object silently for a little while more before ending this night and go home.

[Continue to Light -Part 4…]


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