Light – Part 4

LIGHT – Part 4

May 5th, 2014; 3 PM

Professor, please tell me more about him…my research partner…Giande

Professor Ryrien looks surprised with my sudden request. He even got stoned for a while before ask me why did I wanted to know about it. But in the end he accepted my request after I said that I came every night to laboratory and somehow I became more and more curious about my partner. Professor asked me to follow him into his personal office room so nobody else would hear out talk.

I adopted him since baby from an orphanage. He was a really cheerful and brilliant child. He love to learn anything around him since his young age, that’s make him pretty good on almost everything. But what’s the most awesome part about him is he never show any sign of arrogance. Despite his superior skills he always patiently share his knowledge to those around him. He knows really well how to teach them in the most appropiate way. None of his friends ever do bad things to him. They always love him for the way he act, the way he talk. He also possess a really nice smile. It’s a pitty that none of those pretty maiden that fall for him ever able to marry him

Haha, why?

“…because he got some incurable desease that may be already on last stadium right now. His neural system works in a really different way that permit him to feel anything much more intense than any normal person. That’s explain why his ability to learn so far surpassed all any other child I ever know. But his outstanding ability also shadowed by even more scary drawback. The constant intense work of his neural cells also greatly reduce their life time, and once they died, there’s no more replacement. You understand what it means right?

Somehow I can sense a freezing cold feeling crawling on my spine. It choked my throat that I can’t speak even a single word to respon. Professor continue the story.

We know that we supposed to hide this from him forever, but he is too smart to understand it by him self even if no one telling him. Still, I deeply regret that I underestimated his life spirit. I can still remember the moment five years ago when he suddenly come to me with resolution and said that he will use all of his remaining life to the fullest. He told me that he wanted to create something that’ll make people to always remember him even far after his dead and thousand of years after. Thing that always being able to be seen even in the darkest of night. Invention that even a Thomas Alpha Edison will never dream of

“…the biogenic lamp

Professor show his rare smile hearing my last respon before continue his answer.

Yes. Do you know that you’re the only student who know about this?

What? No…no...”

Suddenly I feel so proud and happy to hear Professor last statement. I’m the only student who knows about his invention. I’m the first one. No, wait, what about him? How much time left does he has right now?

Proffessor, I...”

I know what you want to ask me about, but let’s end this story now


Even I don’t know when exactly his rapid deterioration begin. So please…continue to be his friend till the end. Would you do it?

Professor forced him self to smile in front of me even if I know he wanted to cry. Damn him, I want to cry my self you know?

May 7th, 2014; 11 PM

Merpati? What’s wrong? Did you got sick? You don’t have to come if you’re still not feeling well..”

This is wrong. That should be my lines you stupid nerd. Look at the mirror and you can see it for clear how big that black ring under your eyes. Well, I think I got one too…because I just crying since two days ago. This guy think that I got sick and bomb me with those questions the moment I appear? He is so clueless.

What ever, it’s a good thing that you didn’t came for the last 2 days, so I can concentrated more to create new formula for medium mixture composition

Wh…what? you said it’s better if I don’t come?

No, that’s not it. It’s because for that reason I can surprise you even more

“…with what?

With this

The moment he turn off the lamp the room filled with multiple colors of light that changes from one to another color periodically. The light so soft, so warm, so calming. My tears start to dropping without I realize it. Not just because I’m amazed by the light charm, but moreover because I remember the things Professor Ryrien said, “this is his form of resolution”. Why did a bright person like him must endure such a painful life.

I know it, it’s because the old man tell you strange story about me right? You didn’t came here for the past two days because of that too right?

You…you know about it?

Of course I would know it. He promised to never lied to me and you know that he’s the man of his promise right? And afterall…he is my father

I…I see…”

Listen to me. What do you think I did all this hard work within 2 days for? It’s to show you that I’m perfectly okay with my life. I’ve accept my fate since long ago and that’s the very reason why I’m trying hard to make it valuable. You don’t need to worry about it. Don’t you dare to worry about it

I…I’m sorry…”

He return to his usual seat after saying that. I can feel his anger and disappointment despite his calm talk. I don’t have anymore courage to look at his face. I feel so guilty to meddle too deep in his life. It’s better if I know nothing in the first place.

I don’t know how many minutes has been passed, but this dead silence feels like suffocating me for years. I really want to escape from this situation and disappear right away if only I got a little courage to talk.

I didn’t get any rest for the past two days that I missed my bed so bad right now. You can stay if you want, but don’t forget to close the door when you go home

I…I’ll go home now, I think I need to rest too

Just the moment I think when would I got the chance to disappear from his life forever, he make it right away. I stand  from my chair and walk out with a fast step without any second though. But right before I passed the exit door, he suddenly called me again.



Please come again tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for the usual cheerful you in this very same laboratory. I need a partner and you’ll help me with my newest idea, deal?

He don’t know how much that last sentence save me from desperation and how much I wish for it. He’s really a magician that always know how to amaze me, he truly is.

Yes! Deal! I’ll come again tomorrow, I’ll come for sure. Just you wait!

[Continue to Light – Part 5…]


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