Light – Part 5

LIGHT – Part 5

August 17th, 2014

Months has been passed since then. The light road that he diligently made at last reached its end. Just yesterday afternoon he said that we can finalize our research because we have finished completing all possible related variable and sucessfully correlate it into three general formula. I don’t know how to express it properly but I’m so happy to hear that, much more than I though. I got too hyped that I started to singing and talking non stop like 5 years old naughty girl. It’s really surprised how I can wrote the report with sound speed while talking that much, and I became more noisy after he agreed with my proposal to throw a big party as celebration for completing the final report that night.

It’ll stay as truth, it should be the truth…until his first detereorating symptoms comes in the next morning.

August 18th, 2014

Here I am tonight, in a small all white room that reeks of medicine. It’s still hard to believe how happy I was yesterday. Now all I do was nothing but looking at his sleeping face in this hospital bed. It hurt my heart just by seeing the bandage that covering both of his eyes. Doctor said that they have to take his “sight” to slowing down his second deterioration phase, and there will be no the third. That’s not for long though, but they say that’s all what they can do to fulfill his desperate wish. Damn you stupid nerd, why should you prolong your life if it’s so painful to you? Why can’t you make it easier for your self?



ah…I’know it’s you…I’m glad it’s you…”

I tried really hard to hold my emotions to act normal. I feel happy that he recognized me. I feel so happy that he feel glad to knew it was me. Yet his weak hand that I hold dearly right now showing me how weak his current body is and it makes me feel so sad.

I feel pressure from his suddenly tightening grab. I look at his face then realize that he want to say something. I move to get closer to him so I can hear him better and I can see him smiled when I do that. He said that he feel glad that I can understand his little gesture meaning. Then he start to telling me his story in murmur voice.

[Contiune to Light – Part 6…]


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