Light – Part 6

LIGHT – Part 6 (Flash Back)


It’s just like law of nature. The more intense something being used, the faster it’ll broken. The very similar phenomenon happened to him. With so many knowledge stored inside his head, he realize right away that his body couldn’t stand for long. The way he absorb new information, learn it, and freely used it anytime he want just way too unnatural. Then soon after that he come into conclusion that it was his anomality in neural system that causing that. What’s that left is, what’s the drawback? He began to scared to imagine when his tired cells starting to die? What would he lost first? Which sense? Or will it directly attack his brain so that makes him a living corpse? The though has became scary and scarier that he start to lock him self in his own room.

He’s lucky that in the middle of desperation, someone never tired to whispered to his ear while hugging him each day…and every passing night. Told him that anyone born with purpose. That anyone have their own mission to completed. Most of them born normal or even less, but some of them given an outstanding gift that with it they could conquer all the others…or use it to help the others.


“I know you’re a bright and kind child, Giande. Everyones knows. There’s nothing you need to fear for because nobody will left you when you fall. Nobody will ever hate you because you’re too kind to be hated. But even if it’s not, I’ll always by your side to support you, my son”.

The words slowly come into his sense that he began to see things in a different way. The never ending parental love that was continuously given to him by his patience father, really served it’s purpose. Giande promised to him self that all the love he recieved will be worth, and he’ll strive to pay it back in full.


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