Light – Part 7 [END]

LIGHT – Part 7

sorry for not telling you the truth up until now

“…I won’t forgive you

Haha, I know. But still, I’m sorry..”

Again, why this stupidity of mine still exist even in situation like this. Why can’t I become more honest even after arrive at this point.

Hhhh…what a pity, I can’t even see the thing I want to see the most even if it stand before me right now, and I know precisely what would come next. This is the end for me, haha

I’ll be your eyes. I’ll read any book you want to read. I’ll describe everything around you and anything you want to see in perfect detail. I’ll explain it as many time you want me to say. I’ll make it clear for you as you can see it in a bright day. Let me be your eyes…please let me be your eyes…please live…”

I’m glad to hear that, but you don’t need to do it. My life is not that long anyway, haha..”

No!…please..never say something like that..”




He stop moving after saying that last words. He wont respond me even if I call his name repeatedly in desperation. I got really scared and rushly runing outside to call for help. But despite all the efforts that was given by doctors to return his lost heart beat, he still refuse to come back. I know that I can’t hold these tears any longer. I’m crying while holding his hand that starting to get cold. I never though that loosing him will cause me this much suffering. It torn my heart deeper than I ever imagine.

He already live his life to the fullest, dove. I deeply thank you for being with him even for a short duration of time” said Porfessor from behind while put his hand onto my right shoulder. “Now it’s your turn. Just three days ago he ask me to give his research patent to you, hoping you can live a sufficient and happy life

What? No, no Professor, I can’t accept it, and more, I don’t want it…I don’t deserve it…”

Please…accept his will dove. By doing so you can make this old man happy too. His present to you just indicate that he have found the most precious thing in his life, another light that never failed to make him smile even in the peak of his suffering, that’s you. Please hold it proudly

Professor Ryrien pat my head from behind while saying those words. Damn him, how can he make me crying out loud for one more time.

If…if only he got just a little bit more of time…I…”

I know dove…I know what you wanted to say….”

— oOo—

He has suffered for long enough. He purposedly create a thick wall to all those around him even if he knew it’s eating him badly inside. He let the whole world despising him to ensure that nobody ever wanted to get close to him. He sacrifice all of his freedom for the sake of this research. And just when all of his effort came to fruit, he gave all his years of hard work to nobody..childish..and egoistical me. This is so ridiculous because it’s not funny at all. Remembering him only makes me feel so mad while crying over and over again. Just like Professor Ryrien said, “none of those pretty maidens that fall for him ever able to marry him”, and now I just add my self into that cursed list. Damn you Giande. I’ll come to disturb you again and again when “my turn” has come, just you wait!


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