Light – Part 7 [END]

LIGHT – Part 7

sorry for not telling you the truth up until now

“…I won’t forgive you

Haha, I know. But still, I’m sorry..”

Again, why this stupidity of mine still exist even in situation like this. Why can’t I become more honest even after arrive at this point.

Hhhh…what a pity, I can’t even see the thing I want to see the most even if it stand before me right now, and I know precisely what would come next. This is the end for me, haha

I’ll be your eyes. I’ll read any book you want to read. I’ll describe everything around you and anything you want to see in perfect detail. I’ll explain it as many time you want me to say. I’ll make it clear for you as you can see it in a bright day. Let me be your eyes…please let me be your eyes…please live…” Continue reading


Light – Part 6

LIGHT – Part 6 (Flash Back)


It’s just like law of nature. The more intense something being used, the faster it’ll broken. The very similar phenomenon happened to him. With so many knowledge stored inside his head, he realize right away that his body couldn’t stand for long. The way he absorb new information, learn it, and freely used it anytime he want just way too unnatural. Then soon after that he come into conclusion that it was his anomality in neural system that causing that. What’s that left is, what’s the drawback? He began to scared to imagine when his tired cells starting to die? What would he lost first? Which sense? Or will it directly attack his brain so that makes him a living corpse? The though has became scary and scarier that he start to lock him self in his own room.

He’s lucky that in the middle of desperation, someone never tired to whispered to his ear while hugging him each day…and every passing night. Told him that anyone born with purpose. That anyone have their own mission to completed. Most of them born normal or even less, but some of them given an outstanding gift that with it they could conquer all the others…or use it to help the others. Continue reading

Light – Part 5

LIGHT – Part 5

August 17th, 2014

Months has been passed since then. The light road that he diligently made at last reached its end. Just yesterday afternoon he said that we can finalize our research because we have finished completing all possible related variable and sucessfully correlate it into three general formula. I don’t know how to express it properly but I’m so happy to hear that, much more than I though. I got too hyped that I started to singing and talking non stop like 5 years old naughty girl. It’s really surprised how I can wrote the report with sound speed while talking that much, and I became more noisy after he agreed with my proposal to throw a big party as celebration for completing the final report that night.

It’ll stay as truth, it should be the truth…until his first detereorating symptoms comes in the next morning. Continue reading

Light – Part 4

LIGHT – Part 4

May 5th, 2014; 3 PM

Professor, please tell me more about him…my research partner…Giande

Professor Ryrien looks surprised with my sudden request. He even got stoned for a while before ask me why did I wanted to know about it. But in the end he accepted my request after I said that I came every night to laboratory and somehow I became more and more curious about my partner. Professor asked me to follow him into his personal office room so nobody else would hear out talk.

I adopted him since baby from an orphanage. He was a really cheerful and brilliant child. He love to learn anything around him since his young age, that’s make him pretty good on almost everything. But what’s the most awesome part about him is he never show any sign of arrogance. Despite his superior skills he always patiently share his knowledge to those around him. He knows really well how to teach them in the most appropiate way. None of his friends ever do bad things to him. They always love him for the way he act, the way he talk. He also possess a really nice smile. It’s a pitty that none of those pretty maiden that fall for him ever able to marry him

Haha, why?Continue reading

Light – Part 2

LIGHT – Part 2

April 4th, 2014; 2 PM

Somehow I could never get used to this useless routine. I’m already at the peak of my boredom. This static data record drove me crazy. I’m pretty sure that right here right now I can create several constant numbers to included on special formula that used to predict this researh progress for next hundred years, then present it in the world scale scientific seminar as “Zero Progress Formula”. I’m serious!

This can’t be continued. My precious brain will corrode in the most tragic way if I stay like this for another hour. I’ve made my mind. Today I’ll go home early to take a deep slumber, got full strength power to hang that nocturnal bastard on the roof, and make him my personal sandbag for eternity if he cannot answer my curiosity. Just wait until I kick him out from his hibernation hole tonight. Continue reading

Light – Part 1

Whew, it’s been a really long time since my last post in this blog, haha  [>_<]

Alright, for new opening I will share my original CerPen (red: Cerita Pendek a.k.a fictional Short Story), the title is “Light“.

I already share this cerpen in my most favorite internet forum, indowebster a.k.a IDWS for CerPen event there. There’re so many complain for the story from there because I write it in English, but some of them still love it despite my bad English and event say the story was so touchy, haha. No matter what, all their honest and objective comments made me happy, because this is my very first story that I write using woman..or girl as main character as challenge for my self yet still acceptable by them. To be honest, this is the hardest story I ever made so far because…it’s never be easy to simulate your opposite gender minds work, at least for me. All I can do is guessing…but I’ve tried [^_^]

I break the story into several parts then devide it into several post to make it easier to read and pause, hope You can enjoy it…

LIGHT – Part 1

Febuary 4th, 2014; 2 PM

As always, another failure. It has been a week since I join this research for my final project yet I didn’t see any progress at all. This research itself has been started from two years ago with no trace of progess to show, nor documentation to read in our library. I still don’t understand why Professor Ryrien so persistent to help that nocturnal bastard with his research.

Giande, that’s the bastard’s name. All I know about him is he was my senior college student that got terible academic score on every subject he took, except microbiology. That’s for granted I think, he sleep on any class he attend, and even worst, he was not even attend most of the classes. It’s  still mystery for us how could he got perfect score on microbilogy. I mean, he didn’t even attend a single day of the final examination period. Well, nepotism always an option on this big university.

Whatever. Professor tell me that I’m permitted to present whatever the result of this research in the next 6 months. With the legendary Professor as my supervisor, it’s not a bad deal at all, haha. Continue reading